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How To Resell Sneakers: The Ultimate Guide

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Personally, I do not know how people do it.  I sell sneakers at sneaker stores, I resell sneakers at a sneaker store.but I would never resell sneakers.  I guess I am too much of a sneakerhead for that.

Besides, people who resell sneakers are trying to intentionally capitalize off the insatiability of your typical sneakerhead who will begrudgingly shell out more than $1000 over the retail value for a shoe they want in their collection.

However, it is a growing business and an insanely profitable hustle, so I figured I would put together this guide to show you exactly how you can create a really sophisticated and thriving business reselling sneakers.

All of the people who resell sneakers aren’t unethical.  Some of them are sneakerheads too and their service is invaluable.  Often times, without the dead stock of a reseller, a collector may not be able to get their hands on a particular shoe.  For that reason, the culture actually needs more resellers and more of them doing it the right way.

Do Not Resell Sneakers On Instagram, Ebay, or Amazon

Instead, I can show you a much more sophisticated way to resell sneakers and the best part about it – you’ll effectively be cutting out the middle man and their fees, like the ones associated with Ebay and Amazon or the middle man and the hassle of all the DMs it will take to get that sneaker from New York to the middle of Kentucky to an Instagram follower.

Resell sneakers professionally - it isn't scary!!!Rest assured, I will not be walking you down into a dark abyss.  I am personally going to take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to make profits reselling sneakers.  I am so sincere about your success, as you continue to read, you will be able to take action immediately and you will be on the road to running your very own business with the support of myself and an entire network of people who genuinely want to see your business take off.

How To Resell Sneakers In 3 Yeezy Steps …. oops … I meant in 3 EASY Steps

Step 1 – A Place To House Your Collection or Dead Stock (A Website)

You are probably saying, “Oh yeah!!!  I can resell sneakers on my very own website.  I don’t need Amazon, Ebay, or Instagram.  People can come right to me and make their payments right on my site, the money goes into my Paypal and I’m good.”  You are right!  However, that is the bonus of having a website.

You need a website so you can start connecting with people.  The connections you will make as an owner of a website, the amount of engagement, the ability you will have to position yourself as an expert or an authority are way more profitable than any store or Instagram account!  Why?  Because the people you are engaging with are potential customers and when you have a website and you are the boss, they have the potential to become a fan and that is where the money is over the course of your business.  Repeat customers are the foundation of any business and creating them online is a piece of cake when you have me and my crew behind you.

You can easily have a website set up in 10 minutes.  These website builders are user friendly in the sense that – as long as you can read and click on stuff you can build a website.  Building a website in 10 minutes?  What more of a confidence boost do you need.  It is literally that easy.

If you were able to build a website, what would you call it?  Think of a few names and plug it into this little tool to see if it is available.  If you have an available name, start building your site NOW.

This website has all the trappings you need.  It is fully functional and really easy to use.  When you build your site, you will have access to Wealthy Affiliate, a network of real people who will train you and help you resell sneakers like a pro.

Step 2:  Your Spot Needs To Be Seen! (Get Traffic to your site)

If you took action in Step 1, then you now have a website and a whole group of people who are willing to pitch in and help you promote your site.  That is a huge step.  Now, you have to get your site seen by people.

In case you didn’t now, at any given time, there is over a billion people online.  That said, the amount of potential you have to reach them is far greater than the reach of even the biggest retailer.  The only way to reach that amount of people is through a website.  For that reason, once you have a website, the world is your oyster if you have something to sell.  It just so happens there are more people in the world that wear sneakers than there are that aren’t.  You’ve picked an excellent hustle.

Getting traffic does take training.  It also takes a lot of support.  The website you built granted you access to Wealthy Affiliate and all of your training and support is included for free.  If you think I am blowing smoke, and you skipped Step 1, you can start here as well.  I understand that some people like to know if they can do something before they actually do it.  If you want to start training or see how extensive the training is sign-up directly at Wealthy Affiliate.

Scale Your Business Up As Needed (Get Real Life Help 24/7)

Why do social networks thrive?  Because they play on a very natural part of human emotion.  We all just want to belong.

This is a network of people with the very same agenda – to make money running online businesses.  We operate with a pay-it-forward attitude and we are all aware of what we are all part of the network for.  That is to live a better life through financial freedom and stability.

At any given time, you could be chatting with someone who is making thousands of dollars per month or in a matter of days, you could be helping someone who just joined the network.  Either way, it is THE ONLY way to be successful online.  We help each other and we are thirstily looking for ways we can be of assistance.  You’ll see I included my personal profile.  Yup!!!  That is me up in the thumbnail and it is MY PERSONAL PROFILE to let you know how sincere I am.  If you click on it, it will take you to my profile’s page where you can learn more about me.

I am on that site for hours a day.  When I am away from my computer I am accessing that site on my phone.  I help people all day long and when I need help, I don’t turn to Google or YouTube.  We are about taking action – you ask a question and you get some action.  This has been key to my success and now that you have direct access to me, it will be yours as well.

Got Questions For Me About How To Resell Sneakers Or Anything Mentioned?

You may think I am playing … I don’t know what I have to say to get you to understand I am a real person just like you who wanted some extra money.  When I say that you can ask me any question you may have about reselling your sneakers or Wealthy Affiliate, I am dead ass serious.  If you don’t believe me, check the comments and my responses on my first post about The New Balance 990.  You will see that I am very serious about helping people!  That is who I am both on and offline.

Helping people build businesses is a passion of mine.  Actually, that isn’t the passion – helping people make money is what I am passionate about.  Why?  Because I believe in what comes around goes around.  If I continue to help people find success and empower others, the universe is going reward me.  That is how I live.

If you have any feedback or any questions leave a comment below and I will get back to you … I am pretty good with response times … but don’t fret – no question goes unanswered.  I look forward to working with you!!!

‘B’ aka The ComboMove … okay, fine!!!  Call me Shonna

Owner of

and your new cheerleader, minus the short skirt and pompoms.



6 thoughts on “How To Resell Sneakers: The Ultimate Guide

  1. Omg Shonna, you are so fly. I’m in love with your picture at the end of the post. And “Yeezy” had me dying. Awesome post! I might just go in my room and get some inspiration from my closet now. 🙂

    1. Sean!!! When I wrote that line, I too was cracking up!!! I knew someone would like that.
      Thank you for stopping in and for the compliment. Flattery will get you everywhere in my book!!!

  2. Hello love your post, it is really great. I like how you break it all down to get your readers to fully understand where you are coming from. Your post is very informative, very detailed and easy to follow.

    1. Wow!!! Thanks Norman!!! I really appreciate that. I enjoy helping and I absolutely love writing – when you marry the two you get a really cool guide that will show really cool people how to really refine their sneaker flipping situation.

      I thank you so much for popping in with this comment. It truly bought a smile to my face.

  3. Resell sneakers? That’s gotta be up there with kicking dogs and making babies cry. Almost. I suppose if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it properly and your way looks like the best way. Thanks for the info!

    1. For the resellers that aren’t sneakerheads, that is exactly what it is like … I couldn’t have said it better myself. But for those who are in it to provide a service to us, a genuine service, then this guide will definitely bring their hustle into sophistication.

      Thank you for reading.

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