New Balance 990 – The DMV Started It

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Steve Jobs wore New Balance 990 v2
Steve Jobs wearing the New Balance 990v2

When it comes to street wear and urban fashion, the New Balance 990 has really made it’s mark!

… which happens to tickle the heck out of me.  Here’s a little known fact: Steve Jobs loved the 990v2.  Which is the second version of the 990 silhouette.

No.  I just never thought us sneakerheads would be thirstily running around trying to get our hands on a shoe Steve Jobs exclusively wore.

History of The New Balance 990

When Jim Davis bought New Balance, his first challenge was to his design team.  They were to make the best running sneaker ever.  In 1982, they launched the New Balance 990, after years of development.  The sales for this sneaker exceeded their expectations … it crushed their expectations.  They imagined they would sell 5,000 pairs of the shoe but they wound up selling 50,000 pairs.

You cannot speak of New Balance heritage without mentioning the New Balance 990.  This shoe put New Balance on the map as a pioneer in domestic manufacturing.  When it comes to their Made In America line up, the New Balance 990 is a staple.  This sneaker made waves when it dropped in 1982.  It was the first sneaker to don a $100 price tag.  Why not?  It featured innovative technologies to increase the performance of a runner.  With, what we now know as, Encap technology, from the silhouette to the premium suede accents to the cushioning, there was nothing on the market like it.

The New Balance 990 Today

 Travel to the DMV area and see what you find.  People from all walks of life are now wearing the New Balance 990.  If you go to Baltimore, D.C. or Virginia, all you are going to see are New Balance 990.  They actually have their own special colorway!

This shoe has been around for more than 30 years but is just now making a comeback.  Thirty years ago, this shoe represented more than a runner.  It was a representation of your economic situation.  For that reason, only a certain kind of person would wear them and that person did not listen to Hip Hop.

Mustard Yellow 990
Mustard Yellow 990 dropped in August and we are still waiting on the Army Green ones, set to release early October.

Now?  Just like Jordan’s, Lebron’s, and Yeezy’s people are after the latest colorways of the New Balance 990 and they are sold out.  Just this year, they released a Salmon colored one, a red one, and a royal blue one.  We are all looking forward to an army green colorway and a mustard yellow colorway this summer.

They also dropped a collaboration New Balance 990 that not a lot of people know about, but you can see it on their website.  The New York Road Runner organization teamed up with New Balance and dropped a club 990.  It’s all grey with a gum outer sole.  They are sporty but clean and fresh.

My Take On The New Balance 990

What can I say?  I have three pair.

Forget about my flat feet, if you read my About page, you would know I am a sneakerhead to the bone.  You would also know I am older, but I do my best to stay forever young.  In other words, I only grow up when I have to which is once a month when I have to pay bills.

Okay, seriously.  It doesn’t matter how old you are or what kind of music you listen to.  You could hug the block or you could be hugging your cubicle.  The New Balance 990 has to not only be in your collection, you need to collect it.  This sneaker is going to be with us until the end of time.  It is very supportive and it looks sophisticated even though it is a sneaker.  You can wear it with a business casual look and it goes over insanely well despite the fact it is sportswear.

It is pricey.  Outside of it being Made in America, the materials and construction of the shoe are top notch.  The Encap technology, or heel stabilizer, is super efficient and the cushioning is just right.  You can wear this sneaker for hours on end.  While it is better suited for a lifestyle shoe or one that you can hang out it in, it is technically a performance runner.  On that note, it is a bit dated, but for it works as a runner so long as the conditions are right.  I’ll save that post for a later date, though.

Position Yourself To Buy A Pair Whenever You Want

I would be remiss to cover a shoe that has $165.00 price tag without mentioning Wealthy Affiliate.

There is a chance … a huge chance … you could be grabbing every single colorway that comes out.  Don’t get all excited, either.  Not tomorrow and definitely not the day after, but in less than a year.  This is something that you can work towards and they take you by the hand like a baby.

Oh!  How did you think I built this website?  What do you think this website is for?  It’s an online business or at least it is the start of one.  They are walking me step-by-step through the process and this is my first project.  They told me whatever I love or am interested in and look at me now.

If you are interested in building a business based around the things that you love but you are still on the fence, don’t worry.  They actually allow people to join for free.  It’s crazy if you ask me, but I am there absorbing everything I can and … it’s just crazy.

I would love some feedback about this post, so please comment below.  What do you think about the 990?  Have you ever had a pair?  My favorite colors are Navy and Grey, but I am looking forward to the Army Green coming soon.  I also prefer the Navy v3 over the Navy v4 … oh, speaking of the versions.  Some of their models are up to version 7 and they came out in the late 90s.  The 990 came out in 1982 and was only modified 4 times.  What do you think?

Thanks for reading!!!

Salmon Colored 990s









18 thoughts on “New Balance 990 – The DMV Started It

  1. that is a very good start. I love the fact thtat youre honest about the pricing . a lot of sites will tell you all about the product without mentioning the price. and you make it sounds very good.

    i have trouble with buying sneakers so i may give these a try!!

    1. I can’t stand being blind-sided and for a shoe this awesome, I would hate for someone to go off to buy it and wind up being put on the spot with such a hefty price tag!

      Definitely give them a try. If you are in the area of a New Balance Inline store, not an outlet, stop in for a sit and fit. They will help you into an offering specific to your needs. I mean the 990 is awesome and definitely a go-to, but since you have a hard time buying kicks, let an expert at the store walk you through it.

      Thanks for reading.

  2. Hi Combo Move,

    Great article. I had a pair of these babies a few years back but since I got into running big time I am a Hoka one One person now. Having said that The New Balance 990 are a brilliant shoe and I love your review.

    Everyone has a favourite shoe and this is no doubt one of mine. Actually you have convinced me to go buy a pair for chillin in 🙂



    1. The Hoka One, huh? Well the 990 would be a heck of a transition. I think it has a 12mm drop. Hoka is a great company for all of the 0 drop people of the world. I may do a Hoka review later down the line after I get my fill of all of the cool lifestyle sneakers. Thank you for reading and I am sure you are going to look great chilling in some 990s.

  3. I absolutely love New Balance. I had my first pair about 4 years ago. Fell in love ever since. In fact I actually have the Salmon colored one and trust me its turning heads.The Army green should be something to look forward to.
    Awesome article Combo Move! looking forward to more great content.

    1. Oh heck, well … I sure am jealous!!! I wanted those Salmon colored ones, but it just wouldn’t have been an efficient choice for my wardrobe. Instead, I got a really fresh 574 colorway and I am anticipating a new pair of NB575s to add to the Made In Americas while we wait on some more 990 colorways. I am looking forward to joining the ranks of the bigger sneaker sites, so you can definitely expect more. Thanks for reading and the well wishes!

  4. Hi i have just finished reading your review on the New Balance 990 , i am looking for a new shoe and i have to take up walking , so it is very important it is the right shoe for me. I have been advised to be carefull what i put on my feet as it will cause my back to hurt,
    I was just wondering if you suffer from a bad back and a painful one, would you recommend these for someone to use for walking?

    1. Hi Gareth! Thank you so much for trusting me with this question. There are so many different factors that contribute to back pain so I cannot tell you anything specific. Although this shoe is trending in the Lifestyle genre, the 990 is considered a Motion Control Shoe which belongs to New Balance’s performance collection.

      As for your back, if anything the Encap technology compliments all of the muscles set to stabilize you by cupping your heel. Unlike other models, like the 574, the Encap wraps around the entire heel and stops just into the arch. If I am not mistaken, there is Endurance on the sole, right where you heel strike and you are stacked up at the heel, which in my opinion makes it great for walking. In other words, you are protected against heel striking.

      Has your doctor recommended a specific New Balance shoe? What I have recommended is based on a combination of my opinion and experience working at sneaker stores and for huge athletic brands. My #1 recommendation is that you find a New Balance Inline store, a Brooks, or any retailer that specializes in running. This way you can be fitted and deal with an expert face to face. A lot of these retailers have machines that will pull up a 3D image of your foot. I do hope I have helped.

      If you have anymore questions, you can either respond to this thread or shoot me an email

  5. Very engaging article! If we’re being honest, I never cared too much about my shoes, and always thought that sneakers were ridiculously overpriced. But now I realize it’s just another market out there for people who really value it. I need a pair of sneakers for my (eventual) start of working out. Your post made me realize how important it is to get the right pair of sneakers.

    1. Hi Sean!!! Thank you for reading. A lot of people think a sneaker is just a sneaker, nothing to really put a lot of critical thought into, but they can be so much more than that. When you start working out, you want to make sure your body is in the optimal position to execute your movements efficiently. You want to make sure you are stable and if your arch needs a pick up it is there. If you are going to lift, you want to be grounded and you for sure don’t need a forefoot rocker … what I am saying is, sneakers step in to make sure you are safe and good ones will reduce your risk of injury!!! If you have any questions when it comes time to making a decision, I may have some recommendations … or stay tuned!!!

  6. Hello

    I enjoyed your article on balance 990 sneakers, they do appear to be high quality shoes by the photographs on your website.

    I rarely wear my sneakers these days, I wear work boots for the extra support. Most the sneakers I have bought do not give me enough support, my ankles are weaker than they use to be how do you think these sneakers would work out for me

    1. Pretty, pretty high quality, indeed!!!

      I do think the 990 is worth taking a look at! Wearing work boots all of the time may seem comfortable because it is what you have grown used to, but you may be doing your feet an injustice. If the 990 doesn’t cut it, I would encourage you to try the 928. Not as aesthetically pleasing, but one of the most comfortable shoes in the walking collection ever. I think they are Made In America as well, or at least they used to be, so don’t quote me on that.

      Either way, get yourself to a retailer. I recommend any retailer that is run specialty. As a rule of thumb, you can always walk in running shoes; you never run in walking shoes.

      If you have anymore questions, you can comment here or you can drop me an email at

  7. I love my New Balances, they’re lighter than air and so comfortable. I didn’t know the quality of craftsmanship that went into them, which is really cool. I also had NO idea you could get a 3D image of your foot for the best fit, which is fantastic. thanks for the info!

    1. Oh yea! It really is a nice tool. I have always worn stability shoes because I thought I just liked the peace of mind. It turns out, I actually need them. My foot is as flat as a board. I got really lucky being someone who just prefers stability. With that said, “lighter than air” … I am intrigued! I wonder what model you are wearing. If you tell me, maybe I will review them. I can tell you off the break, if they are lighter than air, they are Neutral and not stability like the 990. Thanks for reading, Penny!!! Glad to hear you are in a good pair of sneaks!

  8. Great!
    I entered your site since I am planning on making my website about shoes myself.
    By going through your website, I have come to realise that it is about the quality of the content rather than, overload of different pages and posts.
    Thank you for this website, it has showen me once again not to race too far ahead of myself and take one step at a time. I really enjoyed your site.
    Thank you

    1. Content is key to everything. You can have all of the pages you want, if they aren’t helpful, resourceful, or you don’t have enough information to come across as an authority then growing an audience is going to be extremely hard.

      There are so many different niches when it comes to shoes and sneakers, I am sure you will find your place. A lot of the big sites that have inspired me sometimes have posts that are only pictures. Those posts get tons of shares.

      Sneakers have been my passion for over 20 years. Not only do I love how they complete or enhance what I am wearing, I really love how they can elevate performance. Between my experience and how insatiable I am for any sneaker information I can get and desire to make a genuine contribution to sneaker culture, I pulled this site together.

      Content you share does not have to be of a technical nature it just has to be good. I happen to have a lot information about New Balance, Adidas, running and other sports. I know how to deal with athletes and I am into urban fashion. Technical just works for me. I would love you to come into shoe website world. When you do be sure to shoot me an email at – also, if you need some help brainstorming ideas, then I would be down for that too. Thank you so much for stopping by!!!

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