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What Is A Sneaker Bot? Stop Paying Over Retail For Your Kicks!

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I know … I know I have gotten older, but a sneaker bot?  Yes!  A program that Nike sneaker botwill check you out in the blink of an eye.

I’ll bet you are saying, “Check me out in the blink of an eye,” looking around all confused *like* What?

You ever pass a store like Ubiq, a popular men’s boutique, that curates theeee hottest sneakers and urban fashions around?  You should see how the line wraps around the corner on a sneaker release day.  Sneakerheads, sometimes arrive the night before to ensure their place at the front of the line.

This used to be part of the culture.  It still is, but now, the sneaker bot is unscrupulously making it’s mark. 

What Is A Sneaker Bot?

All brands have bots that go through their system mimicking a customer.  These bots are designed to make sure the buyer’s shopping experience is enjoyable and their time at checkout is seamless.

Often times, these bots will start crawling the system days before a sneaker release to make sure everything is working.

Some geek, modified this program to put sneakers in your cart as soon as they are released and dubbed it a sneaker bot.  These sneaker bots are pretty expensive if you have the balls to ask around for one.  While it isn’t illegal, it’s on the hush hush as if it were a black market item.

A sneaker bot is an extension added on to your browser.  You put in your size and a few other specifics and as soon as the sneaker releases, the sneaker bot has it in your cart milliseconds later.

Who Uses Sneaker BotsSneaker bot affiliate program?

If you can get your hands on a sneaker bot, you will never have to worry about buying your sneakers from a reseller.  Unfortunately, the resellers are the ones who use sneaker bots the most.  Till this day, sneakerheads have no problem standing in the cold for hours to be the first with a particular sneaker, so it isn’t them.

Older sneakerheads may make use of sneaker bot, once we find out they even exist, but I can’t even see that.  They are not cost efficient.  They cost anywhere between $50 and $230 and there is no guarantee that it will work.

There is a company promoting a Nike Sneaker Bot and they also have an affiliate program.  For every 10 people you sell it to, you will make $175.  The sneaker bot they are selling costs over $100.  The compensation plan doesn’t make sense and even though they say it works, there is no guarantee.

Nike Sneaker Bot Affiliate Program

Besides the compensation plan being questionable, the product itself is a bit sketchy.  All of the big brands hate sneaker bots because their true fans are at a gross disadvantage.  There are companies that are trying to answer to the problem.

Adidas for example has an app that alerts you of when and where a sneaker is going to be released.  Since it is a location based situation, the sneaker bot can not infiltrate the system.  End. Clothing even launched something called Launcher, if my memory serves me correctly.  Nike has even stepped up and made it a little harder for bots to stuff new releases into online shopping carts.

I cannot say that sneaker bots are going to be around for much longer.  A lot of entities are working against them.  Therefore, any affiliate program around a sneaker bot can’t be a wise investment.

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Final Thoughts

The sneaker bot seems sketchy and unscrupulous.  There is also something unethical about it.  The sneaker industry saw over a billion in revenue last year, if that amount included how much resellers profited it would be even higher.

Give your feedback.  Have you ever heard of the sneaker bot or do you know someone who has one?  What is your experience?  Leave a comment or any questions you may have below.  Or you can email me at






6 thoughts on “What Is A Sneaker Bot? Stop Paying Over Retail For Your Kicks!

  1. Hey! Really interesting post, no I’ve never heard of the sneaker bot. Sounds pretty……sneaky. Haha! I guess there would be bots for all sorts of industries I suppose….

    1. I had actually never heard of the sneaker bot before either. If there was a guarantee that it worked, maybe it would be a nice thing to have and if resellers weren’t abusing it. Thank you for reading.

  2. This sounds dodgy as! Are people really paying $100+ for something that might or might not work? Ridiculous. I think I’d rather line up outside the store overnight, at least you might meet some cool people that way.

    1. Exactly. Dodgy!!! That is a great word. Yes. Disconnecting that wait in line sneakerheads experience when a new sneaker is released messes up SneakerHead culture and it is underhanded. I know bots help, but a sneaker bot is trying to beat the system.

  3. Hey there !
    What an interesting post! I have never heard of Sneaker Bot and with your post I am not super excited to try it out lol but good to know what is out there these days in the Sneaker Industry!! 😉

    1. Nah!!! I could never see myself shelling out that amount of money for something that isn’t guaranteed to work. Also, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night as a reseller. Monopolizing the game in order to raise prices through the roof? That just doesn’t seem ethical.

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