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This single misconception about sneakers may be the reason you experience discomfort in places other than your feet.

And I get to see this misconception in action every single shift.

When people walk in looking for a shoe to either run or walk in, they are surprised to find out how much of a process it is. As a sales associate, I genuinely want to know:

  • What you are going to be doing and for how long will you be doing it?
  • How many different activities are you going to be using your shoe for?
  • Are your toes long?
  • Are your heels narrow?
  • What issues do you have with your feet, back, or knees – is there anything causing you pain or discomfort?

In order to get that information, we take full measurements or now a days you have things like the Stride-Id found at New Balance, that will give you a digital image of your foot and how your ankle rotates.

Believe it or not, getting fitted for a sneaker is a whole process and if it isn’t or if it wasn’t … you may be experiencing unnecessary discomfort in places other than your feet, you may be putting unnecessary pressure on your feet, and you may be uncomfortable without knowing.

Think About Your Feet

Our feet do a lot of work.

They carry us.

Our weight.

And it’s funny because no matter how much weight we have gained since High School, people are still under the impression that their feet stop growing.

When in fact, our feet never stop growing.  And honestly, it’s a simple concept:

The older we get, we lose fat at the bottom of our feet.  Ask any podiatrist.

So, it makes since that whether we gain weight or not our feet are going to grow just because of the fat loss in our soles.  Without the extra fat, our feet spread out more.  In my instance, my feet got a little bit wider and longer.  As a matter of fact, some days, I feel like a clown.

Another thing that happens when we get older is our days become more demanding and physical activity becomes more taxing on our bodies.  Making sure you have quality footwear is of the utmost importance in order to make sure our bodies have the support they need to keep us in an optimal position to live our life.

WORK IN PROGRESS is a work in progress.  Do not be alarmed by the lack of content.  Behind the scenes I am taking pictures of and trying out new shoes that I can then review.  That way you will be able to make an informed decision about your next sneaker purchase.

My name is Shonna.  I am a sales associate for a sneaker brand that specializes in running.

Please feel free to bookmark this page and check back often.  This site is going to grow pretty fast and I would hate for you to miss out.

In the meantime, you can read about one of my favorite stability shoes.  This is the shoe that gets me through my 14 hour work days.

Thank you for reading.